AS/NZS 5033:2021 Compliance

Aussie Solar Labels for Photovoltaic

Label Kits

for Australian-wide

Off Grid

power for photovoltaic

Battery Sign

battery storage system

Micro Inverter

for micro-inverter solar

High Standard

Strictly complied to the latest solar industry standard.

Cost Effective

Adapted advance machines to cut down cost for you.

Project Assistance

Help guide how to apply solar label kit for PV system.

Long-term Planning

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100% satisfaction guaranteed

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Colorful Logo Label + QR Code

A personalise customized logo label to make your brand stand out

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personlized customized sticker

black engraved

endurable integration

colorful printing

top-class looking

personlized customized sticker

Individual card

distinct outstanding

Our Projects

Show Case

VIC solar farm construction milestone

This project is an important part of Melbourne Water’s Path To Net Zero campaign

World-first trial to double household solar exports

In a world-first trial, SA Power Networks is launching a new smart Flexible Exports option

New solar inverter standard addresses grid stability

A new inverter standard (AS/NZS 4777.2:2020) will ensure grid stability is maintained



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AC Battery Label kit for Micro Inverter, Tesla,LG Chem


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Our mission

better, Cheaper and safer Solution for Aussie Solar

We focus on providing high standard  Solar Traffolyte Label for Australian and New Zealand over 14 years.

With most competitive price and high quality 3M sticker back and UV resistant material, our engraving aussie Solar labels are hot sell in Australia, covering WA,NT,SA,QLD,NSW,ACT,VIC,TAS.