It is 100% guaranteed that our labels will last longer even in the harsh Australian Environment.

Quality Guaranteed

Our aussie solar labels are all  highly UV rated to standards, completely complied to the  latest Australia Solar Industry Standard.

clean tech

Australia-wide projects make you free of worry

We are proud that we work with many excellent solar energy companies together.

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Advanced tech for efficiently cutting production costs to ensure competitive pricing.

Better offer than local and let you gain more

Excellent Service

Nice Package & support

Great appraisement come from our agents and distributors, as well as solar installer.

Make your installation safer and easier

We have been cooperated with Koalabel for over 10 years,with splendid expression for its satisfied service, its stable quality as well as fast delivery. Due to nice packing and humanized design ,the labels are very easy to used for solar installation worker.It is a great partner indeed.
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Better, Cheaper And Safer

We focus on providing high standard Aussie  Solar_Label for many Australia and New Zealand companies over 14 years.